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Chambers Walk was started in 1986 and began life as a cafe, located in Princeton, NJ on a small lane called Chambers Walk, hence the name.

Mario and Laura Mangone, both graduates of the Culinary Institute of America, opened Chambers Walk to cater to the needs of a busy college town.

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the cafe quickly gathered a following for its delicious food and outrageous muffins, which became the "talk of the town".

The gourmet take-out became so popular that many customers began inquiring about catering services.  Initially only a select group of clients were permitted to use the catering services.  With a concept that is uncommon among most restaurateurs, the Mangones felt it was better to do fewer events, but to do them with such elegance and attention to detail that the satisfied client would become their greatest salesman.  In 1990, Chambers Walk moved to a larger facility in Trenton, where our sole concentration was off-premise catering.  While our staff increased, our concept remained the same.  

In January of 2001, Chambers Walk moved to it's current location in the "Village" of Lawrenceville.  With this move, Chambers Walk will, in a sense, revive  the "Cafe" but catering will also be at the heart of the operation. The cafe, open for lunch, Monday through Friday, is a great stop off during your busy day. Our express service is specifically designed to make it easy for you to pop in, have a great lunch and be on your way. Dinner is served Wednesday thru Saturday, with attentive table service.  Our Monday night cooking classes have been very well received and will continue throughout

the year (booked in advance). Additionally, the space can always be booked for private dining, whether corporate functions or a casual or intimate family gathering.  

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Thank you so much to the _theh2oshed for having us at their annual gala last night! #cater
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